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We got our website redesigned by Online Marketing Xperts. We are very happy with the quality of the project and level of service provided. They were flexible and took time to discover our business goals & objectives. We now have a new site and receiving qualified leads from our local suburbs. Hardat Developments Pty Ltd

We engaged the services of online Marketing Xperts to get our new accounting business online.  We are very happy with the results. We started to attract clients straight away.  The team at Online Marketing Xperts are professional and the service was second to none. We will definitely be using them again for all our online requirements.

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Name :Why SEO is good for your Website Date :02/02/10 : 22:00:42

Benefit of SEO to your Website

SEO- What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation. SEO is the process of analysing and constructing pages on your website or the the entire website so that your site can be found and indexed in the various search engines. SEO is aimed at making the content of your website more relevant and ensuring that the content can be read by the search engines.

Is SEO really important to your website? If you are trying to attract new customers to your website, how would they find your website if you are not found on the search engines? Clients who already know your business can type in your website address but other potential clients simply type in the services and product they are looking for and if website is not ranked high on Google and other search engines, then your competitors will get all the traffic and new customers.  It will be scary if people could not find your website, your phone number and your services...

If your website cannot be found on the internet, has low traffic.. then  chances are many customers would not know that you even exist. A high ranking website is similar to having your shopfront in a prime location where everyone can see you. 

A high ranking website simply means that your business is always seen. Do you know if your print, radio and other forms of advertising are being seen and heard. Are you currently reaching hte right audience for your product? Quality search engine optimisation might just be the answer to your questions.

SEO can benefit your website and increase trafffic to your site.   SEO is one of the cheapest form of advertising... Do not let your website fall behind in the ranking.. High ranking website means more visitors to your site and more customers.

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