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We got our website redesigned by Online Marketing Xperts. We are very happy with the quality of the project and level of service provided. They were flexible and took time to discover our business goals & objectives. We now have a new site and receiving qualified leads from our local suburbs. Hardat Developments Pty Ltd

We engaged the services of online Marketing Xperts to get our new accounting business online.  We are very happy with the results. We started to attract clients straight away.  The team at Online Marketing Xperts are professional and the service was second to none. We will definitely be using them again for all our online requirements.

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Pay per click Advertisingpap per click services

Pay per click Advertising is the fastest and most flexible method to get qualified leads for your business online. At Online Marketing Xperts, we specialise in Pay Per Click campaign management that deliver clear and measurable results and ROI. Millions of people use Google, Yahoo and Bing everyday, they cannot be all wrong. Get your share of the pie with with successful pay per click campaign.  

How does it work?

Simply put, Pay Per Click Advertising is the process of having your business Ad appears in the sponsored links of Google. Your ads will appear to potential customers searched for selected keywords relating to your products and services. With Pay Per Click Advertising, you only pay when someone click on you ad, that means you are only paying for qualified traffic and results.


Our Methodology

We Have Developed A Systematic Approach To Pay Per Click Campaign Management Designed To Rapidly and Continuously Deliver The Improvements & Results You Are After. Our experience and dedication to your campaign ensures that we create a long, successful relationship with our clients. 

Online Marketing Xperts aim to optimize the profits that a PPC campaign can generate. It has been proven by experts that PPC is a highly profitable advertising system on the net. It strives to tap the enormous amount of net traffic for the purposes of worldwide advertisements. Pay per click advertisements yield greater profits with smaller investments than any other medium of advertising.


Stages of Pay per Click Campaign
For effective management of pay per click campaign, it is crucial that every detail is carefully looked into. A good pay per click management service follows these steps:
  • Research for the market: This stage first identifies the market and then tries to understand the various factors and fluctuations in that market. This could be decided on various factors, such as geography, language or interest.
  • Research for the keywords: Once the market is decided, keywords then are searched for. Different people in different geographies or of different interest use different terms to search for information. Therefore for a successful PPC campaign, it is important that the most used keywords are identified and used for PPC advertisement.
  • Monitoring the campaign: Once the campaign is running, it becomes important to identify the most performing keyword. The least performing keywords are discontinued and more focus and investments are made on the productive keywords. This stage quantifies the campaign and shows the success or failure in figures.
  • Search for more keywords: PPC campaign is successful when your sites name comes up on many keywords, increasing the profits. Good pay per click management services keep looking for more productive keywords. This process continues while our services are hired.

Do not waste your advertising budget down the drain? Let the Online Marketing Xperts manage your online marketing campaign and deliver qualified leads to grow you business.

contact us now  or call 1300 996 311 and see the difference. Online Marketing Xperts provides free consultation for Pay Per click Advertising to clients all around Australia.

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